Glider KS, Chippendale

We were driving back from having met a wedding stylist (the person who styles the venue, not the bride), and I was starving. I checked out the ‘Newly Open’ cafes on Broadsheet, and chose Glider KS (KS stands for Kensington Street) in Chippendale. We had a pretty hard time finding parking, and the Fiancé was almost ready to give up, but we found a spot and made our way to Spice Alley.

Glider KS

For those of you who haven’t heard of Spice Alley, it’s this cool alleyway in Chippendale, right next to Central Park, which is full of small Asian eateries (some takeaway, some sit-down). It feels like you’re in Hong Kong, with all the people bustling around, the Chinese New Year decorations still hanging above. Glider sits around the middle area of Spice Alley. It’s pretty hard to miss it when you see someone pouring themselves a purple drink outside (blueberry, kale, mint, red quinoa, acai, and coconut water smoothie). There’s two entrances to Glider; one is in Spice Alley, and one on the main street outside. If you enter from Spice Alley, you see a minimalist’s dream: white table, white stools, and white walls (with one brick wall thrown in for good measure). If you enter from the other entrance, you realise that Glider is a house (which we only realised when we left).

Avocado Toast Glider KS

It’s counter service, so you have to go up to order (which isn’t an issue). The tables are small, the stools are cute, but it’s a bit of a struggle to get to the table in the corner next to the window (yay for natural light). One look at the menu, and you realise you’ve hit the jackpot. Thai-style breakfast. It was an easy decision for me: Avocado on sourdough with truffle honey, Thai basil and feta. Sorry, did you miss that? Let me say it again. Truffle. Honey. I didn’t know honey could have truffle in it, but apparently so. Those little black flakes adorned my bright green avocado toast, and it was super full-on in terms of taste. I mean, I had one of the slices of bread and had to take a break from eating for a solid five minutes (not a usual occurrence). Meanwhile, the Fiancé chose the ginger chicken burger with smashed free range egg, iceberg lettuce, in-house tomato sauce on a brioche bun. The Fiancé actually thought the chicken patty was a fish cake, because it was made in the same style. The chicken patty oozed glass noodles and herbs, along with the chicken. It tasted damn good, and confused my senses. Wasn’t it breakfast time?

Glider KS

We also each had a coffee (me, a decaf skim mocha; him, a piccolo). They came in these stunning ceramic mugs that made it look like the coffee was spilling over the edges.

All in all, an amazing experience, and not too expensive! $34 for two coffees and two incredible breakfast items. Glider is also in Potts Point.

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