Broadsheet Cambridge

Last night at a party, I mentioned to a group of people how I’ve found it difficult to find a somewhat healthy brunch option in Boston/Cambridge. There seem to be a whole lot of brunch places, each with 15 different types of pancakes or French toasts, and a somewhat endless list of calorific and heart-attack-inducing menu items.

Of course I have to compare the brunch options here with those back in Australia. And it’s hard not to. Most good brunch places have one option for pancakes, one for French toast, one for smashed avocado on sourdough, and a few egg-specific dishes. So you have a proper spectrum of unhealthy to healthy, all on one menu.

And then I found Broadsheet in Cambridge.

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters

It started off pretty innocently. I didn’t go searching for “good brunch in Boston that is similar to Australian brunches because Boston brunches seem to kinda suck”. I just tried to find a place nearby that had good food. It was a ten-minute walk from home (+1 point for convenience!), and the inside looked just like the countless hipster coffee places in Sydney.

Opened in 2017, Broadsheet got its name from the historical broadsheet newspapers printed in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters

We ordered the Levant Breakfast Plate (bread, labné spread, zaatar spice, olives, arugula, cucumber, tomato, halloumi cheese, medium boiled farm egg, halva) and the Baked Latkes with Wild Smoked Salmon (wild smoked salmon, poached cage free egg, capers, pea shoots, red onion, labné). It was so good to have our middle eastern brunch back as an option, and neither dish was overpowering or too abstract. It was just good food.

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters

The Levant Breakfast Plate ($10.50) had everything you’d need for brunch: eggs, cheese, bread, and even a cute little bit of halva for dessert. The Baked Latkes ($13) were my favourite — the salt from the salmon paired with the not-too-runny egg and latkes were just so good. Even though the meals were avocado-less, they still reminded me of our weekly brunches back in Australia.

Brunch runs on the weekend until 3pm, and Broadsheet serves all sorts of pastries and coffees, including some interesting ones like orange caramel lattes.

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters
100 Kirkland Street, Cambridge
Monday to Tuesday 7am–4pm
Wednesday to Friday 7am–5pm
Weekends 8am–5pm