Rainbow bagels are now in Sydney

You’ve probably seen the photos. The colours of the rainbow mashed together to make a beautiful rainbow bagel. And yet, they’re overseas, in the US.

Not anymore.

Brooklyn Boy Bagels (featured in our Best Bakeries in Sydney roundup) released rainbow bagels into Sydney to celebrate Mardi Gras earlier this year, and have now promised that they are here to stay.

“We were inspired by the rainbow bagels that were first created in Brooklyn, but that’s no surprise — we get all of our inspiration from Brooklyn.”

“They’re a touch sweeter than a typical bagel,” explains Michael Shafran, owner of Brooklyn Boy Bagels. “We often match them with our Unicorn Cream Cheese, which is a french vanilla cream cheese with hundreds and thousands and a bit of magic in it”. It’s $5 for a bagel, or $7.50 for one with cream cheese.

You can find them at any of these markets as of this week!

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