Enjoy Life Foods launches in Australia

Enjoy Life Foods

Allergies suck. But this makes them suck less.

We all have that one friend who’s allergic to things you didn’t even realise people could be allergic to (you know who you are!). And life can get pretty tough for those who have to constantly check the ingredients to see if a simple treat could kill them.

Enjoy Life Foods has been available in the US for some time, and has now launched out here in sunny Australia. Their ranges, Crunchy Cookies and Chewy Bars, are free from the seven major food allergens, which includes gluten, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, and sesame. And according to the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, these allergens are the major food allergies and intolerances suffered by Australians.

This marks the first product to launch in Australia free from so many food allergens. It means that those with allergies can have the peace of mind knowing that any Enjoy Life Foods products will be safe and tasty!

But what the hell is left in them?” you might ask.

Well, that’s a good question! Each product has gluten free flour, vegetable oil, brown cane sugar, vanilla extract, and other flavour extras, meaning they still taste incredibly good!

You’ll be able to grab a pack of Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies, Dark Crunchy Cookies with Chocolate Chips, or Vanilla Honey Crunchy Cookies from Woolworths, nationwide. And as for the chewy bar flavours, there’s Mixed Berry, Cocoa Choc Chip, and Roasted Sunflower Seed.

And to those with difficult allergies, you can thank Enjoy Life Foods and Woolworths for making life that extra bit easier!

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