A Day Of Bests In Brussels

I am currently in Brussels, Belgium, having a wonderful short trip before facing the reality of unemployment at home. I planned the trip before I resigned from my job, thinking it would be a nice Christmas break. Having left my job and the trip already booked, I continued along with my plans.

I felt as though today needed to be A Day of Bests. It’s something I’ve tried before, but never really written about. The Best Coffee. The Best Walk. The Best Breakfast. When I’m feeling worried or confused about the future, I try and focus on what the world has to offer us, and it usually ends with me feeling a bit more calm. Today was one of those days. I awoke to the thought of “Oh god oh god oh god”, and promptly searched for jobs online, applying wherever applicable. After calming down a bit, the worrying crept in again. What if no one responded? What if I never found a new job? Why did I go into PR instead of staying on my already wonderfully planned out path of editorial? I swallowed slowly, looked up “Best Coffee In Brussels”, and gleefully decided that today would be a lovely day for A Day of Bests.

We went to OR Espresso on Rue A. Ortsstraat, which boasts the best coffee in all of Brussels. It tasted like any good coffee in Australia, but it was the first good coffee we had tried in Europe. We sat for a bit, Instagramming and talking and drinking and eating. And then a trip to the Chocolate Museum, which boasts the best chocolate in Brussels. We watched them make chocolate, and were given the chance to try it. It was amazing. Next up was the best bar in Belgium — Delirium. We sat and drank and talked to strangers, quickly exchanging Facebooks and names and promises to meet again. One hour turned into four, and it was time to leave to try the best frites (chips) in Brussels — Maison Antoine in Place Jourdan. And then home.

And now, the worry creeps in, starting in my stomach and working its way up into my throat, leaving a large lump that’s hard to swallow.

And then the day begins all over again. But tomorrow? Perhaps a Day of Bests in Bruges.

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