e3 visa

What’s an E3 Visa?

When we decided we wanted to move to the States, we had a buttload of research to do. There were lots of visas to choose from, but some seemed to expensive or restrictive (I’m looking at you, H1...


Bondir Cambridge

I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time. In November, Husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (pretty wonderful). I’m usually the one who chooses the restauran...

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters

Broadsheet Cambridge

Last night at a party, I mentioned to a group of people how I’ve found it difficult to find a somewhat healthy brunch option in Boston/Cambridge. There seem to be a whole lot of brunch places, e...


My ultimate tourist guide to Boston

I’ve been living in Boston for 6 months. I still can’t believe it’s been that long. I can still remember the anxiety I felt when we first moved, the fact I didn’t know anyone, ...


Tatte Bakery

Unpopular opinion time: I am not a fan of Tatte Bakery’s brunch. Tatte Bakery (pronounced Tatt-ay, not Tah-t) is a chain that was opened by Israeli pastry chef Tzurit Or. What started off as a c...

Enjoy Life Foods

Enjoy Life Foods launches in Australia

Allergies suck. But this makes them suck less. We all have that one friend who’s allergic to things you didn’t even realise people could be allergic to (you know who you are!). And life ca...


Liverpool St organic tampons

DID YOU KNOW: Manufacturers are not obliged to list any ingredients on tampon packaging? Popular tampon brands admit their products consist of rayon, polyester and polyethylene which are all semi-synt...

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