Quick Dinner Party

On Thursday night, The Boyf and I had a fellow couple come over for a dinner party. The difference between this dinner and all previous dinners was the fact that there was wine, and we actually put thought into the meal.

I left work at 5:45pm, and got home at 6:30pm. Our guests were arriving at 7:30pm. We needed to make a super quick dinner.

Here’s what we made:


Spinach, fetta and tomato tart
Puff Pastry
Tomatoes (cherry)
Egg yolk

Cut the puff pastry into four squares. With the first square, let it sit on a plate. Take two more squares and cut a smaller square within it, taking out the inner square to leave a frame.

Place spinach, tomatoes and fetta in the centre of the first unframed square, and brush egg yolk around the sides. Place one layer of the framed puff pastry on top, and brush with egg yolk. Place the next layer of the framed puff pastry on top, and brush with egg.

You should still have one large square left. Either discard of it or use it for another tart.

Bake in oven until golden.

Lamb chops with peas and risoni
Lamb chops
Fresh mint (cut up)

This is a bit of a weird one, but it tastes amazing. Cook the lamb chops while placing the peas and risoni into a pot of boiling water. Once drained, place the risoni and peas into a bowl. Put the chopped mint in and mix, and put some fetta on top. Then place the lamb chops on top.


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