Chefs Gallery Hurstville

With a huge Asian population on its doorstep, Chefs Gallery Hurstville has recently changed its menu to include more traditional dishes to satisfy the . Whilst the other restaurants in the popular chain have a more Westernised approach to its menu, the Hurstville restaurant has opted for more southern Chinese dishes, set to appeal to the local community.

“The menu is made up of tried and true favourites from the flagship Chefs Gallery restaurants, coupled with an exclusive array of affordable meals from our ‘Classic’ range.” — Chefs Gallery Founder, Kaisern Ching

We were treated to a few great dishes, including:

The unassuming winner

chefs gallery

Steamed fish fillet with chopped hot and spicy pickled capsicum and chilli: I would not have thought much of the fish if I hadn’t seen others’ reactions once they tasted it. It was so delicate, and fell apart in my mouth the instant it went in. Yes, it was a bit spicy, but it added so much to the fish! ($16.90)

The usual favourite

chefs gallery

Flash fried, medium wagyu beef served in bite sizes with crushed black pepper and a black pepper dipping sauce: This was my favourite dish at the Town Hall restaurant, and it didn’t disappoint this time either! The beef isn’t too tough, and the black pepper dipping sauce goes so well with the tender beef. ($27.90)

The ‘omg-I-can’t-get-enough-of-this’

Chefs Gallery

Sichuan-style silky steamed eggs topped with diced beef, pickled vegetable, coriander and crushed peanuts: This. I ate so much of this. The silky steamed eggs were 100% silky, and one of my favourite items on the menu. It arrived undressed, with the sichuan sauce on the side, along with the toppings. We added the sauce first, followed by the toppings, one by one. I could have eaten an entire dish by myself, but I had to be nice and share. ($11.90)

The ‘this-isn’t-as-spicy-as-I-thought’

Chefs Gallery

Spicy Sichuan ‘bobo chicken’, with corn fed chicken cooked in hot chilli oil sauce served with chopped onion and chives: I took one look at this and thought “Oh no, I won’t be able to eat this, it looks pretty spicy”. It was spicy, but the spiciness stopped at the tip of my tongue, and didn’t make its way down the back of my throat. I even ended up scooping the sauce onto my rice! The chicken was beautifully cooked, and the coriander on top was a great addition. ($18.90)

The crowd pleaser

chefs gallery

Emoji face egg custard buns: incredibly soft and tasty, with a gooey custard centre. A great homage to the current ways in which we communicate! ($5.90 for two pieces)

All in all, a wonderful meal, with fantastic authentic flavours at Chefs Gallery Hurstville. If you want your Chefs Gallery fix, you can also treat yourself at their flagship restaurant in Town Hall, as well as their other locations (Macquarie, Bankstown, and Parramatta).

  1. I recently found out about Chef’s Gallery from another blogger and am really keen to get there soon. It’s really good to know that the Hurstville store have more traditional dishes as I now definitely want to start here.

    1. It’s fantastic they now have updated the menu in response to what the locals want. Just goes to show how important it is to know your customers! And you should definitely head out there. The steamed egg was incredible.