The F Diaries

I had been thinking about this for a while. Often, I would introduce myself at events, or give out my Instagram handle to someone. And the same look would come over the person’s face. Not pity, not admiration, but something that said “Oh, you’re so young”. And it was because my blog’s name was How Do You Do 22, yet there I was, almost 25, yearning to be taken seriously.

I remember the day I came up with the name. I was sitting at home, after having only just decided to start a blog, with the idea in mind that the blog would be about my search for a career and how I navigate my way through my 20s. I had no idea that it would branch out to fashion and beauty and other lifestyle-related things.

How Do You Do 22 is not just a name given to a blog about saying hello to the age of 22. It’s about questioning “How the hell do you do life successfully as a 22 year old?”.

As a 25 year old, with 9 weeks to go until my wedding, working in an industry I love, it all seems so long ago, which is why I felt the need to change the name to ‘The F Diaries’: a blog focusing on food, fashion, face, and feels. My thoughts will still be here (about career, wedding, relationships), but the focus has shifted. You’ll see more posts about food, fashion, and beauty, a move that I feel is necessary.

I feel much more comfortable introducing myself as the blogger behind The F Diaries than How Do You Do 22. It’s not me anymore, but it is the 22-year-old woman who pushed me to get to where I am today.

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