GIVEAWAY: Hairjamm Pearl Miracle Range

Hairjamm, a hair company and distributor in Brisbane, has been coming up with and distributing hair products made by hairdressers for hairdressers (and the general public) for a while now.

One of their ranges, Pure, has released the Pearl Miracle Collection. This collection has been harvested from pearl-producing oysters from Western Australia. Hairjamm prides itself on its superior formulation and on being environmentally friendly, which is always a wonderful thing to find out about a product!

Within this collection are four products: Pure Pearl Miracle Bath, Pure Pearl Miracle Mask, Pure Pearl Miracle Milk, and Pure Puff Puff (which is super cute).

So, here we go! Here’s what each of them do and contain:

Hairjamm pearl shampoo

Pure Pearl Miracle Bath, 300 ml. This shampoo contains mother of pearl and provides the perfect balance of strength and velvety softness to all types of damaged hair. With all of the colouring I do to my hair, it’s quite good for protecting colour, while strengthening and repairing. Contains Water, Coco Betaine, Sea Salt, Keratin, Shea Butter, a form of B5 called Panthenol, Hydrolysed Pearl (see? It DOES have pearl in it!), and Coumarin (which gives it a vanilla-like smell).
Cost = $31.95

Hairjamm Pearl Mask

Pure Pearl Miracle Mask, 250 ml. This is a super intense treatment to look after your roots, while nourishing your hair. You should find that your hair becomes stronger and more flexible. Contains Hydrolysed Pearl, Sea Salt, Keratin, Shea Butter and Hydrolysed Milk Protein (which is meant to heal, protect and repair hair). Your hair should be protected from getting too many split ends after using this product!
Cost = $34.95

Hairjamm Pearl Spray

Pure Pearl Miracle Milk, 150 ml. This leave-in treatment is to be used in towel-dried hair. If you want silky smooth hair, then I seriously suggest you try it out. Contains Hydrolysed Pearl, Sea Salt, Keratin and Argan Oil (which is AMAZING for your hair).
Cost = $34.95

Hairjamm Perfume

Pure Puff Puff, 70 ml. This cute thing is so awesome. It’s conditioner and perfume at the same time. It adds extra shine to your hair while also giving you nice-smelling hair (and who doesn’t want nice-smelling hair?!). The French feel to the bottle is great, and the perfume-like design makes for an interesting bottle. Is it a perfume? Is it a hair product? It’s both!
Cost = $49.95

So, here’s the giveaway part!

  1. Regram image on Instagram (find it here)
  2. Follow @hairjamm (and make sure you’re following @howdoyoudo22 too!)
  3. Include the hashtag #hdyd22xhairjamm
  4. Winner will be announced at 11:05pm on Sunday June 28th on my Instagram
  5. The Pearl Miracle Collection prize pack will be sent out to the winner from Hairjamm’s head office in Brisbane. Winner must be located in Australia!

[Giveaway is running from 8am Wednesday June 24th until 11pm Sunday June 28th]

Best of luck!

Images taken by The Boyf, who can be found on Instagram here.

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