5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Different

My wedding is 4 months away. Let that sink in. FOUR. MONTHS. It’s insane how quickly this year has gone, but I’ve made sure to tick off almost all of the items on my wedding checklist. Shoes? Bought. Rings? Designed. Dress? Well…we’re almost there. (Don’t worry, I do have a dress, it just needs some fixing).

Throughout the process, I’ve tried to do something a bit different. So I thought I’d share the 5 ways I did something different for my wedding.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…and something different.


Instead of going to a store, why not check out Shoes of Prey? You can get your feet properly fitted at their flagship store, choose the colour, the design, the material, the heel height. Everything. You can even get an inscription on the inside to remind you of your special day. Just you wait until you see mine…


Found a ring you like? Take a photo of it, give it to a jeweller, and work with them to make it yours. That way, you can control exactly how you want it to look, and it will feel more like your ring instead of someone else’s. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to walk around with a ring my fiancé and I have designed rather than one that someone else has designed. Get an inscription on the inside, or add something to it to make it a bit different and more you.


From photographers and videographers to stylists and entertainment, find the smaller suppliers and meet with them. They may not be the people everyone is using, but they are more willing to work with you on your dream, instead of on the dream they have for you. Not that I have anything against well-known videographers or anything, but when you start to see the same material being pumped out, it can get a bit old. Find the unique, lesser-known suppliers, and see how they can make your day amazing.


This isn’t really done that often in Australia, and I don’t really plan to do it, but there are some really cute things out there, such as loose tea in test tubes, personalised candles, and bottle openers. Find something that really speaks volumes about you and your partner, and don’t opt for the tacky!


Last, but not least, the dress. There are plenty of shops out there, such as the one I’ve bought my dress from (shoutout to Sposa Group!) who have separate skirts and tops that you can then have stitched together to make your perfect dress. Choose a top half you like, and then a bottom half from another dress, and they’ll create your dream dress. That way, your dress will be unique, and it’s less likely to have been worn by someone else.

What did you do differently at your wedding? Or what are you thinking of doing to make your wedding different?

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  1. Ahh, 4 months, it will just fly by! I love your unique ideas, I really need to get started planning my wedding, I just have so many ideas it feels a bit overwhelming!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com