WARNING: This post is about periods. If you feel awkward reading about periods for some reason, don’t read on.

Guys, I’m trying underwear that’s meant to help with periods,” I excitedly typed to my friends on our Whatsapp group.

So, it’s pad undies?” one friend asked.

Just when you think your nappy days are over,” quipped another friend.

I met the founder of ModiBodi underwear in a Facebook group (shoutout to #LMBDW!). ModiBodi creates underwear that is designed to make women feel comfortable during their time of the month. And, from bikini to hipster briefs, the styles are made to fit every sort of woman.

So, background info: I’ve got this strange aversion to tampons. It’s kinda terrible that a woman (who, by the way, already feels pretty awful) has to feel even more awkward and uncomfortable when she has to shove some random object inside of her.

And then there’s pads. The main issue I’ve had with pads is that they make noise. Move one way, and that awful scratchy sound moves with you. Forget wearing a dress or a skirt with a pad on, there’s no ‘padding’ to cover the noise. So it’s jeans all week for me (oh yeah, my period goes for up to SEVEN days. Wonderful). Typically, the first day is the worst in terms of flow (and pain), so I was a bit hesitant to try the underwear on the first day. But I thought “what the heck, I’ll give ModiBodi a try and see what happens”.

And boy…did something happen.

That something was heaven. I floated into the office in my cute dress and comfortable underwear, with not a care in the world. No one would know I had my period (except for that one coworker I pulled aside to excitedly say “I’m wearing the period underwear!”). After about 2 hours, I thought I should check out what was going on. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my underwear, and saw…nothing. Seriously. Not one wet patch.

How the hell was this happening? I knew my flow was heavy (trust me), so where was it all going? And why was I still comfortable and not squirming?

This video and the below diagrams might help explain how the ModiBodi underwear works.

And washing? Easy. Wash by hand or put them in the washing machine by themselves. Afterwards, dry them, and voila! Brand new. I know it sounds like it’s disgusting to wash and reuse underwear you’ve had your period in, but it’s hygienic. Everything that goes in there comes out in the wash.

I asked myself the question, “would I buy them?” The answer is a huge yes. I’m going to buy several of them and finally feel comfortable, regardless of the day of the month.

Feature image by ModiBodi

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  1. Wow! I am seriously interested in these, I also have never been able to stand using tampons, and pads are just as you say, noisy and uncomfortable! I will try anything to make that time of the month easier on myself!

    Kez |