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DID YOU KNOW: Manufacturers are not obliged to list any ingredients on tampon packaging? Popular tampon brands admit their products consist of rayon, polyester and polyethylene which are all semi-synthetic or synthetic!

This week, we chatted with Siobhan Komander, owner and creator of Liverpool St. After going through a health scare, Siobhan decided to make a change to the products she was buying, and started looking at the list of ingredients on everything she bought. She was as amazed as we were to find out that tampons don’t list the ingredients, and was frustrated that she couldn’t control what she was using. So, she created Liverpool St.

Liverpool St sends organic, 100% raw cotton tampons directly to your door each month, and gives you the peace of mind, knowing that each tampon is hypoallergenic and compatible with the body’s pH levels.

“I switched shampoos, body wash and skincare. I realised I needed to make the switch for my tampons too — after all, they’re not just going on my body, but inside it. When I was searching for organic tampons online I found the process a challenge.”

LiverpoolSt_Regular Bundle

When Siobhan looked for natural and/or organic tampons, she was floored to find that there weren’t any options. “Surely we need to know what we’re putting in our most intimate areas?” says Siobhan on the fact that ingredients of tampons don’t need to listed on the box.

Siobhan is also the owner of event company Xphyr Brand Experiences, which has seen her working with the likes of Twitter, Google, and more. Going from running an event company to e-commerce was a “natural next step” for Siobhan. “It’s a completely different approach to events, but that’s something I really get a buzz from. I have also found a surprising balance of creativity and business through it as well, which was unexpected,” says Siobhan.

“The most important thing to us is that we’re delivering products that are natural and organic, and delivering them in a way that caters for time-poor women who prioritise ease and convenience.”


For Siobhan, Liverpool St is more than just organic tampons. She’s hoping to “open the discussion around women’s menstrual health and reposition it as part of an everyday conversation.” And the great thing is, Liverpool St will be introducing a whole range of organic and ‘good-for-you’ products, so stay tuned!

Sign up to Liverpool St and get 100% organic cotton tampons delivered to your door each month!

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