Five Ridiculously Awesome Things For Your Apartment

The Boyf and I moved in together on Friday. And I’m exhausted.

The best way to describe it is a “stressful holiday”. It’s extremely stressful, but it feels like a holiday because your bedroom has all of these unpacked suitcases everywhere and everything feels new and you’re not in your room and you’re with your partner constantly.

We’ve bought quite a few awesome things, but here’s my top five list of things to get when moving out:

bjursta IKEA
1. BJURSTA Extendable Table, $199 from IKEA

We bought this from IKEA. It sits six people, but can sit up to 10-12 people when extended. Our place is quite small, so when it’s just the two of us, it’s perfect. But when there’s a crowd (like there was on Saturday night), it’s brilliant to be able to extend it out to fit more people.

Stakka Mugs Target
2. Stakka Set of 4 Mugs, $15 from Target

Target, Target, Target. Why are you constantly full of surprises?
These four mugs cost $15, and go so well with the rest of the space. Plus, there’s never any confusion when both of us are drinking tea, as all the patterns are completely different!

Chromecast JBHIFI
3. Chromecast, $49 from JB Hi-Fi

This baby lets you ‘cast’ whatever is on your laptop, phone or tablet onto your TV. So that Netflix show you’re watching is suddenly watchable on your TV. Yep. Win.

4. Quirky Bits & Pieces

Take this ‘mana-tea’, for example. It’s silly, it’s cute, and it’s functional. I also may or may not also have The Oatmeal’s entire Grammar and Spelling posters collection in frames…

Moet DanMurphys
5. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, $21.90 from Dan Murphy’s

Because you should seriously celebrate the shit out of moving out together. You’ve earned it. And none of that sparkling wine shit. You deserve proper champagne. Even though it’s small. But still.


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